Diseño universal en la vida diaria

Hay barreras invisibles tales que, de haber incorporado los principios del Diseño Universal, podriamos evitar situaciones incómodas cuando queremos ayudar a otros.

A continuación, transcribo una intervención de ColorBlindVision donde relata la “simple” acción de comprar pan…

I have a personal story I would like to share with you now about a loaf of bread, don’t worry it isn’t about stealing a loaf of bread like Jean Valjean but it does involve buying it.⁣
⁣As social distancing is still somewhat in effect in places in the UK, I have been going shopping for my parents and one particular item my dad wanted to be “the red Roberts loaf, it has to be the red one.” In my mind, I was thinking “Ok dad, calm down. The red one.”⁣
⁣So I went shopping and picked up everything my parents needed along with the most important item in the whole of human history, the red loaf. After bringing it home, I was placing it all away and in comes dad coming to inspect the loaf: ⁣
⁣Dad – You got the wrong one⁣
⁣Me – It’s red⁣
⁣Dad – No this is the orange one⁣
⁣Me – Well I thought it was red.⁣
⁣Dad looked away in slight annoyance but accepted there was nothing he could do now as I had bought it.⁣
⁣Now I would never confess this to him but the look of annoyance he gave was the most hurtful thing of the whole ordeal. Dad’s particular penchant for his red loaf I can brush off with sarcasm but the look of annoyance on his face after I had gotten the colours wrong left me with an unsavoury feeling.⁣
⁣Don’t get me wrong, in the past, dad has always been considerate towards my colour blindness so it was probably just a lapse and potentially only the second time ever. ⁣
⁣Regardless, the reason I wanted to share this is to let others know, even if those who are not colour blind don’t utter anything to you about mistakes the colour blind make. The look on your face can be just as loud as what comes out of your mouth so do be careful as you may end up hurting the feelings of someone who doesn’t have quite as thick of skin as I have.

Artículo e imagen destacada original en https://www.instagram.com/p/CC6qChbh_YN/?igshid=1kbt2nidgh16d


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